Whilst we feel it’s important to retain the look and feel of the E30 M3 interior, we give our customers the opportunity to personalise their cabin. Whether you prefer a clean space with minimal distractions, or a more refined and comfortable driving environment, we work with you to create it.

Your intended use gives our design team and interior trimmer a benchmark from which to start work. For regular road use we suggest re-trimmed Recaro front seats, and retaining the rear seats; for occasional track days, the addition of a half cage; for more regular track days, a full cage and rear seat delete.

Once the road/track configuration is decided upon, the fun part of selecting your steering wheel, gear shifter, Recaro front seats* (with optional 6-point harnesses), carpets, door pull handles, headliner/door card/A/B/C pillar trim fabric(s)*, audio system*, and colour scheme begins.

Enhance. Evolve

*Premium options available