Redux 002/030

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Planning is already well underway with Redux’s partners and suppliers about ways in which to further enhance and evolve the next series of vehicles. With a well-established program in place to develop three Evolution models (each of nine cars), and the final three – totaling thirty – destined to be the ultimate Redux E30 M3s, there is much to consider.

Based on lessons learnt from Redux 001/030’s build, her Bill of Materials (BoM) has been thoroughly reviewed to identify where subtle improvements can be made. For example, as her owner is a member of a private race track, he opted for the safety of a full roll cage. Therefore, when custom fabricating the interior, our intrepid trim team, John and Liam, developed a number of bespoke parts and unique details. The aim was to hide as much of the cage as possible, so the driver still feels as though he is in a well-appointed road car, as opposed to a stripped-out race car: mission accomplished.

As you will no doubt appreciate, the work that went into Redux 001/030 has further enhanced and evolved the options available e.g. no cage (full re-trim of original interior); half cage (full re-trim with rear seat delete optional); or full cage (full re-trim with rear seat delete essential). Interior component options have been expanded too: Alcantara or leather trim, upgraded Recaro front seats (e.g. SRD/SP-A/SP-G), upgraded audio system components (high quality or audiophile quality), refreshed gauge/display design, choice of steering wheels, and door card/headliner design options. Redux can offer you a considerable number of options to ensure your car is as unique as you are.

Next, the mechanical components. This is where the engineering expertise of Ric and his team comes to the fore. Redux 001/030’s 2.5l S14 turbo has already achieved its target performance figures of 380hp and 380lbft (at one bar of boost) with very conservative mapping; therefore, attention has turned to the front and rear assemblies. With a five-axis CNC machine at our disposal, we now have the capability to manufacture bespoke Redux components e.g. adjustable front control arm set up, rear trailing arms, hubs, drive flanges, and diff mount. There is the option to configure your Redux in a ‘road’, ‘track’ or ‘competition’ set up – the latter being an evolution of the factory DTM spec.

Redux’s partnership with ExE-TC suspension continues to evolve. The current bespoke 3-way dampers will remain as the ‘road/track’ option, but we are now able to offer an upgraded ‘competition’ package too. In addition to their beautifully engineered components, ExE-TC’s engineers, Rob and Ed, offer considerable expertise in chassis geometry and set up.


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