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With the creation of their final edition E30 M3 Sport Evolution model, BMW Motorsport redefined the 4-seater sports car forever and set a new benchmark for other manufacturers to try and surpass – few succeeded. However, in 2015, a small UK company called Redux felt confident it could succeed where others had tried and failed. Since then Redux has carefully upgrade almost every mechanical and electrical component whilst working hard to retain the E30 M3’s classic looks and feel. The final piece of this puzzle is the interior. When you take your Redux the long way home – i.e. every time you driver her – it is essential you are in a comfortable, functional and well-appointed cabin.

Therefore, the headliner, A, B and C pillars, rear seat area and rear shelf are all trimmed in Alcantara N.B. the A pillar and roof section of the roll cage is hidden so only the rear cross bars remain visible. The original dashboard and centre console is retained and partially trimmed in Alcantara.

To minimise unwanted noise, vibration and harshness lightweight sound deadening material is fitted into key areas of the shell and doors, which also helps to reduce cabin temperatures and provides additional damping for the sound system. The noise reduction achieved using this material on normal tarmac roads can be up to nine decibels, which may not sound much, but makes a significant improvement to your driving experience.

The standard gear stick has been swapped for the taller, DTM-spec shifter, topped with a classic BMW Motorsport rubber golf ball. The original seat belts remain, but are now accompanied by a set of bespoke Willans race harnesses.

Because of the charcoal Alcantara trim and black wool carpet, the decision was made to contrast it with a rich, biscuit tan leather seat trim, which compliments the charcoal perfectly and, due to its very high quality, will age beautifully too.

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