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Redux’s motto ‘Enhance. Evolve’ was partly inspired by Mr Paul Rosche – creator of the now legendary E30 M3 4-cylinder engine – and the engineering excellence he repeatedly demonstrated over the course of his career at BMW Motorsport. By paying homage to the inspirational characters who created these incredible machines, Redux strives to continue pushing the boundaries by delivering the perfect blend of design, craftsmanship and performance in all its vehicles.

If you follow Redux’s Instagram or Facebook pages you may already be familiar with the rather lovely rocker cover. Out of all the E30 M3 models, only the Evo 2 has a different colour rocker cover and plenum: white with the M tricolour stripes across it – the rest are black. Therefore, after much deliberation choosing between the three Redux company colours of grey, blue and white, the decision was made to paint it blue. The aim was to add the Redux logo in such a way that it looks part of the original design – we’re absolutely delighted with the end result. The Redux logo also signifies this is no ordinary S14: it’s a symbol of the skill and craftsmanship required to build such a masterpiece of engineering excellence – were he still alive today, we’re confident Mr Rosche would heartily approve.

In order to keep every Redux vehicle running as smoothly as possible, whether cruising the Pacific Coast Highway or being pushed hard on a track day, it was essential to upgrade the standard BMW cooling system. The new custom alloy radiator provides approximately 30% more volume than the original BMW part, and the addition of an intercooler ensures the turbo runs at maximum efficiency by cooling the compressed air, reducing its temperature and thereby increasing the density of the air supplied to the engine. As an extra layer of protection, the Motec M150 ECU (Engine Control Unit) monitors the numerous engine bay sensors and if any of the levels do peak, it engages a safety mode to immediately warn the driver and therefore protect the engine.

To further optimise the turbo’s performance and reduce any potential back pressure, the M3’s original 30-year old twin pipe system has been upgraded to a hand fabricated, TIG welded, slightly larger diameter, single pipe system, which blends into a twin pipe rear silencer the likes of which we’ve never seen before on an E30 M3 – pictures to be revealed at a later date. Also, in order to pass emission tests, two catalytic convertors are fitted end-to-end with the option of v-band connectors so they can be swapped out with a straight pipe. We’re sure you’ll agree, the fabrication skills required to create these parts is truly breathtaking – to put that into context, each welded joint on the exhaust pipe takes approximately 15-20 mins to complete.

Enhance. Evolve

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