BMW CCA – New, Lighter, More Powerful E30 M3?

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“The trouble with the E30 M3 is that there are not enough of them being made today. Okay, technically, there aren’t any being made today – but Simon Lord wants to change that.

Enter the Redux E30 M3 Leichtbau….”

Former British Army officer Simon Lord fell in love with the E30 M3 when he was stationed in Germany in 2004, and owned a Macau Blue E30 M3 for a while. He later sold it, and has considered that a big mistake ever since. Then a series of serendipitous encounters brought him to the point where he believes that he can build new and better E30 M3s using existing M3s as door cars.

A former BMW marketing director, a former BMW CEO, a former Formula 1 team owner, and a well-known British Touring Car Championship driver supported Lord’s enterprise. Simon enlisted the services of auto designer Clive Hartley – late of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Chrysler, and Porsche Design and Jonathan Gould, who had for worked for Rolls Royce, assisted with design and modelling.

The team now has a design – one that Lord says will pay “loving tribute” to the original while adding functional design aspects that were unavailable in the 1980s. The new M3s will still have an S14 under the hood, but it will be bored out to 2.5 litres, turbocharged, and capable of something in the vicinity of 350 to 400 horsepower. Custom anti-roll bars, bigger brakes, a tighter steering rack and Group A Touring Car bits will help the new E30 M3 stick and stop. Donor cars will get an acid bath, stitch-welding, strengthening gussets, custom carbon-fibre body panels, and a half roll cage. The weight goal is under 2,500 pounds.

Simon’s plan calls for an initial run of nine Redux Leichtbau prototypes. Each will be made to order and customised to the client’s specs. He hasn’t revealed pricing – or even possible pricing – but with values of existing M3s high and getting higher, a Redux E30 M3 Leichtbau could possibly run well north of a hundred grand.